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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I was always an avid reader, even from a young age. Reading took me out of the harsh realities and brought me into worlds that enthralled and entertained me. What a wonderful way to wile away time. I didn't mind what I read, although I'm sure my parents didn't know I'd found those detective novels to read.

The process of writing drew me to it from an early age. I wrote mystery stories for my younger brother's entertainment when I was in primary school and wrote (very bad) poems and short stories in my teens and young adult years. It wasn't until I had retired from my career and the family was grown, that I returned to creative writing and set about writing a novel.

The idea for DEADLY SECRETS sprung from my frustration with the political landscape of the time and my sense of foreboding. I kept looking at my environment and saying 'what if......?' The political times (from 2001-2009) provided one thread and the newspaper clippings I hoarded added to the themes. Then I read the non-fiction book 'Greed, Pollution and Murder' by Matthew Benns and my plot and story line grew.

A non-fiction book that reads like a thriller.

DEADLY SECRETS took me a few years to write, I'm a slow writer, and I enjoyed building the complexities of the plot . Who knew the plot line would still be so relevant now. I was always afraid that my plot themes would be overtaken by reality and would become irrelevant. Sadly (for the world of politics, but happily for my novel) it hasn't happened. DEADLY SECRETS is a conspiracy thriller with socio-political themes and a mystery at it's heart. It draws on real events, but fictionalises and changes them to fit the story.

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