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Lethal Legacy


Now Available in eBook and Paperback

A new Australian conspiracy mystery thriller with suspense and intrigue by H.R. Kemp


If you enjoyed Deadly Secrets, you'll love Lethal Legacy.


Innocent Questions have Dangerous Answers.

Laura's life is plunged into turmoil when her husband, Tom,  dies suddenly. On that same night, an intruder steals files from his home office. He'd been researching his previous employer's Iraqi operations but hadn't shared his concerns with Laura. Why would anyone want his notes?

Staying ignorant won't protect her.

Learning Tom's death could be murder, Laura takes matters into her own hands. She's fifty-nine but it's not too late to turn amateur sleuth. She uncovers a dark mystery, a deadly conspiracy involving organised crime and corruption. Powerful people will kill to silence their enemies and now she's been warned. But who can she trust?

Staying silent won't keep her safe.


Deadly Secrets

What unspeakable truths lurk beneath the lies?
by H.R. Kemp

An Australian political conspiracy mystery thriller with suspense and intrigue

A suspicious death. A web of intrigue. Can she expose the truth and live?

When her friend, a vulnerable refugee, dies, the police cover-up makes Shelley suspicious. Her search for the truth uncovers a sinister conspiracy between organized crime and a new mining/oil corporation. Even the Prime Minister appears to be involved.

As an amateur sleuth, she's no match for the powerful forces at work.

Is she prepared to risk everything to expose the truth?

Shelley isn't bold and the stakes are high. Powerful forces will do anything to keep their deadly secrets. 

Can she expose the truth and save lives?

If you are an Adelaide reader, signed copies of Deadly Secrets are now available in the following bookshops

  • Dymocks Bookshop, Glenelg

  • Matilda Bookshop, Stirling

  • Harry Hartog Bookshop, Burnside

  • Read eBooks, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Amazon reviews say:

"A page-turner";

"It's refreshing to read something that tackles current affairs and politics head-on...It kept me hooked";

"This intricate socio-political thriller takes the reader through a mind spinning myriad of mystery and intrigue while generating a delicious palate of both likeable and detestable characters."

     Reader's Favourite review: 

"a political thriller that will keep you on your toes... Kemp's style is magnetic...For a page-turning conspiracy thriller, seize your copy of Deadly Secrets by H.R. Kemp today.
Tammy Ruggles for Reader's favourite

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