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My Publishing Quest.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020


I have begun.

I am embarking on the process to publish my first novel, Deadly Secrets.

I find the steps to publishing overwhelming, but am taking them one at a time to give myself time to think and learn along the way. I want to be sure that I create a quality novel to offer readers. I want readers to find my story compelling and enjoyable and the best it can be; to look, feel and read like a professional piece of work. This requires time, effort and money.

The positive feedback and encouragement I've had from readers along the way has spurred me forward to publish and my recent success with two short stories has also encouraged me. One, 'Unforgivable' appeared in the Writers' Magazine (UK) October 2019 edition, and the other, 'The Present of Presence' has been published in a UK Anthology 'When Stars Will Shine' compiled by Emma Mitchell and features a number of terrific authors. (It's available on amazon UK and amazon USA: the link is on my website).

The beginning

I found a professional editor drawing on word of mouth and social media recommendations. I developed a list of possibles especially after hearing authors' stories of paying substantially for an edit, only to get a mistake-riddled manuscript back, I was wary. I approached professionals, was realistic about the cost and took the time to discuss what I wanted and how they worked. I think I have navigated through the selection process to find a good fit for my novel and feel confident of my choice.

I have spent years (more time than I should) refining, rewriting and editing. My writers' group has critiqued the DEADLY SECRETS in it's entirety, resulting in yet more rewriting and refining.

Many of you know that I loaded DEADLY SECRETS onto the Inkitt site, where readers gave me detailed feedback, both at the end of chapters as they read, and at the very end. The reviews validated the hard work and time I had put in so far. Some kindly sent me messages to point out any typos or errors, which meant I again spent time fixing the manuscript. I also got valuable feedback about readers' reactions, and their positive response has pushed me towards publishing.

Some readers reviews for DEADLY SECRETS posted on Inkitt are featured on the book page of my website but other comments are: 'A thrilling read', 'This was a great book from beginning to end', '...a powerful story', 'an intense page-turner', 'comprehensive thrill ride,' and 'a gripping plot'.

This is the cover I used for Inkitt (but, I am having a cover designed for the published book)

The next step:

I am currently DEADLY SECRETS editing and rewriting after receiving the first run though edit from my editor. I have heard many published authors say the editing process improved their book, so I am hoping it proves the same with mine. We'll see.

The first suggested book covers look fabulous and that is the next focus, along with writing a strong blurb.

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