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Welcome to my home page

Do you enjoy a thriller with suspense, intrigue, mystery and drama?

Do you like your heroines and heroes to be everyday people facing a challenge?

Do you want to sink into a page-turning political thriller that connects with current issues?

Do you like to read stories set in a range of different locations?


Hi, I'm H.R.Kemp, the Australian author of a political conspiracy mystery/thriller novel called 'Deadly Secrets'.


If you would like to learn more about Deadly Secrets and my published short stories go to the Books page

To learn more about me HR Kemp click here 


The gallery has photos that inspired scenes in my novel 


The musing page has my blogs with posts about my writing community in Adelaide (South Australia) and Globally. Here, I tell you about my research and how it influenced the plot for Deadly Secrets (and my second and third novels which are in the writing and editing stage).


Stay and browse.


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