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Inkitt Authors - Greg McLaughlin

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I am amazed at the high quality books I've read on Inkitt, for free, and to help these writers gain the analytics to maybe receive a publishing contract I'm going to give them some publicity. In the year that my novel has been on Inkitt, I've read quite a few novels and I wanted to share my thoughts about those I've enjoyed.

Once such Author is Greg McLaughlin. He is a prolific author and I have only read two of his books to date but am looking forward to reading more.

Book 1 - Second Coming

The Greg McLaughlin book I read

The blurb for Second Coming as it appears on Inkitt

My 5 star review said:

This is a complex and suspenseful novel. It envisages a second coming and it's impact on the current world. The premise is bold, but the story appeals even to those who are not religious. The writer draws a strong cast of characters , giving us insight through backstory and intimate glimpses into their journey. The story builds and pulls the reader into the lives of the key characters, and then unleashes an action packed finale. It is a deep and satisfying story, the plot is complex and realistic, providing a reflection of the social fabric of our times. The writing style is crisp and uses evocative images and analogies to bring the story to life. Overall, this is a well-written and enjoyable read, and I highly recommend it.

Book 2 - The Third Party

The Third Party, the second Greg McLaughlin novel I read

The Third Party blurb on Inkitt

This political novel is a great read and does what others don't, actually feature a politician with scruples and a desire to do what is right for the country. It's not a fantasy genre but......

Highlights from my 5 star review read:

Greg McLaughlin has done it again. He has written a terrific story with stunning characters and a plot that keeps you turning the page. Well done. This well-written novel is steeped in action and perfect pacing. The plot kept me intrigued and reading to the end (I couldn't stop long enough to add comments at the end of the chapter even!) and the conclusion was satisfying and rewarding. The writing flows and takes the reader in close to the action, keeping us on edge and delivering suspense and intrigue along the way. The characters are three dimensional and feel very real. It is unusual to have principled politicians. Who knew a writer could create a politician that I would be cheering for? The 'bad guys' are also too real (are they based on any real life examples?) and together the story takes us on a fraught and intense ride. Your writing made me really care about the fate of the protagonist. The story is a terrific read, it kept me engrossed in the plot and the characters you created. Well done.

And there's more

Greg has been prolific. At the time of doing these screen shots he had the following novels listed, available for reading but since then he has added another. You are sure to find one (and more) that you enjoy. His novels are also available in hard copy from Amazon. I highly recommend his novels, so try them out, you won't regret it.

These five novels have now been joined by a sixth.

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