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Great Writing on Inkitt

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

As you may already know, I have had my novel up on Inkitt for just over a year. This site offers readers access to thousands of novels for free, and for writers, it offers hope of getting the necessary reviews and votes to satisfy the analytics and be offered a publishing contract. I live in hope.

Over the year, I have read a lot of novels and written reviews for other writers and so, have come across a number of terrific novels. You may be interested in who these writers are. If you love to read, are happy to read books that are not yet professionally published, but are good quality writing and great stories, why not give these authors a try. You can be part of their success story.

Besides the novels written by 2 of the prolific and wonderful writers Barry Litherland and Greg McLaughlin (I've featured them on previous 'blogs') there are also others I recommend. They are Drama, mystery or romance genre (Fantasy and romance feature highly on Inkitt).

Memoir of a War Resister - A novel of the 1960's by Trudy Knowles

This was a terrific read. It is under the Drama genre, and it is based on real life. I gave this drama a 5 star rating and my review read:

The cover and blurb as they are on Inkitt.

A fabulous book

This memoir takes the reader back to the heady days of the protest movement and their fight against the Vietnam war. The action is seen vividly through the eyes of Becky, the main character, and her friends and extended 'family'. We experience first hand, her wins and her dramatic and painful losses. All the characters are very real, with their good and flawed characters beautifully drawn. The story is beautifully told, moving, expertly written and poignant. It details the personal struggle using very real and three-dimensional characters, and accurate historical data. The Soldier tally at the end of each chapter brings home the cost of war, especially the Vietnam war, in a devastating way. The modern-day story is only touched on, but the story of protest and drama reminds the reader that the fight is never finished, it just moves on to the next issue. I highly recommend this novel and I hope it will be published someday. I'd love a signed copy when that happens. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary story with me (us).

I highly recommend this novel - it's a must read.

The Pinkie Promise by Kelly Reigner

A wonderful mystery/drama interweaving the past and the present. My review called it:

Cover and blurb of Pinkie Promise on Inkitt.

A real page-turner

This well-written mystery story is well paced and ramps up the intrigue as you read, hooking the reader in to keep turning the pages to find out what happened. The shifts between past and present happen smoothly, helping the reader to understand the chain of events by a slow reveal. The main characters are strong, three-dimensional and well drawn, we feel we know them or have met them for real. Their interrelationships and group dynamics play out well both in the past, when they first get to know each other, and later, when they have not seen each other for some time but still feel their connection from long ago. The subject matter touches sensitively on troubling societal issues and handles them well. The title works well. The references to it are scattered throughout the story and tie the different parts of the novel together. Good choice. This was an enjoyable read, it kept me hooked and I would definitely recommend it.

This novel has 35 reviews and has a five star rating overall, so well worth checking out.

The Remainders by Matthew Arnold Stern

A beautifully told story. With human interest and relationships at the core of this drama.

The cover and blurb of The Remainders as seen on Inkitt

An intensely moving story

Matthew Arnold Stern has created a complex and believable cast of characters. The main characters, Dylan and Oliver are both written in first person which brings the reader in close to their experiences and troubling thoughts, Their deeply personal struggles lead them through a series of life-changing events which build to a very satisfying ending. The supporting cast consists of both likeable and not so likeable characters, all of which are three dimensional, real and believable. Dylan's life is uprooted when his mother and step-dad throw him out. It is the beginning of a massive learning process but also a discovery of the kindness of strangers. Oliver's struggles with his personal failures and traumatic past brings his life to a climax and eventually to realistic change, I was engrossed by their plight that I found myself cheering for these characters. The setting is a diverse and contemporary society. The writer skilfully weaves a backdrop that resembles life as it is today, complete with political and religious hypocrisy, hardship and striving to make a good life even when the odds are stacked against them. We see the best and the worst of people . I enjoyed this story immensely. The writing style keeps the reader involved and guessing, while eagerly wanting the characters to find what they need. It is well told, and the gentle romance is so real and touching. Overall it is a moving tale. I highly recommend this story. It's a great read and I look forward to reading more novels by this author.

Another wonderful story. I gave it a 5 star rating and highly recommend it.

Gathered by the Fire by Mark Mijuskovic

This gentle drama and romance keeps you guessing as the many layers of the story are peeled back.

Cover and blurb of Gather by the Fire as it appears on Inkitt.

A multilayered tale

This novel is beautifully written with rich descriptions that summon vivid visual responses. It is the kind of story you can immerse yourself in, it's slow and gentle with pockets of drama that keep you engrossed and beckon you to take your time and peel back the layers of the story. The cast of characters are intriguing with villainous villains and well drawn, real and multi-dimensional characters. We follow their journeys and feel for them when they hurt. The backstory chapters are woven in and give depth and meaning to the story-line. Overall I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was an interesting story with a great cast of characters whose life stories were complex and real and easy for readers to relate to. Thank you for sharing this on Inkitt.

Another story that I recommend as great reading.

These four stories (along with those I have previously mentioned and of course my own 'Deadly Secrets') that are bound to give you hours of enjoyable reading time. Give them a try. I enjoyed them and I'm sure you will too, and don't forget, if you enjoy them, please leave a review and vote for them. It will help the writer take their novel to the next step.

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