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Another step towards release

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Deadly Secrets is being prepared for going out into the world. I'm grateful for the professional help of Amanda from Let's Get Booked, who is ensuring it is the best it can be The manuscript has been thoroughly edited and formatted and the complete cover (front, back, and spine) is imminent. Yet, there are still many decisions that need to be made as I work toward the release date of 31 March.

I want Deadly Secrets to be available in both eBook and paperback formats. I personally still love reading a 'real' book and like the feel of it in my hands. I've read novels on-line and I understand how convenient it is, but a paperback is still my preferred option. I seem to engage with the story more and retain the details better. That's me though, and it may not be the same for everyone.

If you're a thriller reader let me know if you prefer eBooks or paperback.

Deadly Secrets is a big book (98,000 words), so choosing a trim size (actual dimensions of a paperback) is significant. (My current choice makes the novel 488 pages long). I'm not a fan of the large paperback format preferred by publishers at the moment, how do you fit it into a bag? But, printers and distributors work from different sizes, which makes choosing even more complicated.

Do you prefer the large format or do you like your novels in the smaller format? I'd love to hear what you think.

I also prefer a font size that's easy to read. Of course, since needing to wear reading glasses, I'm more conscious of the size of the print in novels (and on labels, food packaging, and in documents and so on). Recently I opened an old book of short stories and needed a magnifying glass to read the tiny print. I guess, that's one problem e-readers don't have.

I don't know if anyone still likes large print options for books, but I'd be interested if that's something I should consider. Let me know if you'd like that option.

For print copies, even the type of paper (creme rather than white) and the finish on the cover (Gloss or Matt) have been interesting to research. I'd never looked at a novel that closely before, and hadn't really noticed the difference.

Do you have preferences?

My next step is to work out how to distribute both eBooks and paperbacks. Amazon has a big reach but there are many other channels that could give more readers access to my story. It's been confusing, interesting and enlightening, checking out the options and trying to decide what's best. This is where Facebook really helps. Being a member of several Facebook reading and author groups, meant advice was close to hand. Thank you to those who willingly shared their experience and knowledge. The author community has good support networks.

Of course, now, while the final touches are being put in place, I need to think about promotion and marketing. These require a whole new skill set from writing a novel. How do I ensure those who would enjoy my novel, find out about it? Especially when there are so many novels out there already. I'm still learning and it's probably the subject for another blog.

As a start, if you'd enjoy a thriller with a difference and would like to get updates, news, and early bird specials, then you can register on my website. I promise I won't spam you or overload you with emails or news. It's just a way of staying in touch.

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