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Adelaide Writers' week

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

This fabulous week (well six days actually) of sitting under the trees absorbed in listening to writers and buying books (even when I don't need anymore) is part of the Adelaide Festival of arts. 2019 it is on from 2-7 March and it's free.

Last year I missed the Adelaide Writers' week. It wasn't my fault. I was in hospital with a 'mystery' of my own, a strange auto-immune reaction but we don't know to what. I am well now and I will be enjoying the 2019 festival all the more.

“We live in strange times, with leadership and rationality in short supply and chaos and confusion abounding.” so says Jo Dyer in her introduction to this years Adelaide Writers' Week

I have the program at the ready and lots of sessions marked. I'm hoping the weather is kind to us, although I went a few years ago when it was 40+ degrees Celsius (about 104F).

What am I looking forward to?

There will be lots of non-fiction this year and talk of politics and current social issues. This means there will be plenty to stimulate another plot theme or two for a conspiracy mystery/thriller writer. The real world is a treasure trove of ideas and sparks the 'what ifs' that set my mind whirling (sometimes out of control).

I will post my highlights too.

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